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We Mukti Enterprises from Nigeria are a leading Rotary Valve Manufacturers,Suppliers,Exporters in Nigeria. We offer superior quality rotary valves with best prices in a short time period. We provide customized rotary valve in a variety of sizes, designs, materials and dimensions as per customer’s requirements.

We manufactured rotary valve with sturdy construction and robust design operated at high efficiency. These valves are made up with parts like rotor, housing, bearing, drive mechanism, unloading mechanism. All these parts are designed with standard quality materials which resist rust, and corrosion.

The different types of rotary valves such as Drop Through Rotary Valve, Offset Rotary Valve, PTFE Lining Rotary Valves are available.

Rotary valves are used to regulate liquid, gas, fine grained, powdered, and granular materials under pressure and vacuum conditions. Our rotary valves are commonly used in various kinds industries like agriculture, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, chemical, power plant, or food & beverage. We are widely accepted in the markets for supplying a wide range of high quality rotary valve to various industries in a short time period.


  • » Due to sturdy construction, it provides long Life service
  • » Require less maintenance
  • » Robust design
  • » Designed with high quality materials
  • » Performed with high efficiency
  • » Can withstand climate changes
  • » Available in different styles
  • » Applicable for industrial or commercial purposes


Rotary valves are widely used for many applications such as

  • » Food and beverage processing applications
  • » Pharmaceutical and chemical processing
  • » Dosing, batching and mixing
  • » Discharging of cyclone
  • » Pneumatic conveying
  • » Plastic industry