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Rotary Valves Manufacturers in Tamil Nadu

Rotary Valves in Tamil Nadu

Mukti Enterprises is one of the leading Rotary Valve Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters in Tamil Nadu, India.

We provide this premium selection of Rotary Valves, which are widely used in numerous applications. Fundamentally, this valve is employed in pneumatic conveying systems where ambient air is frequently used, giving the powder a dual advantage of being conveyed while also being cooled. A locking between the chamber output and duct is advised to maximize the cooling effect and keep warm, humid air out of the conveying system. The locking is often done using the rotary valve.


  • » Controlled output
  • » Cost-effective Extended service life
  • » Quick response time
  • » Increased safety
  • » Ease of use

Applicable for All Industries -

  • » Manufacturing
  • » Food processing
  • » Automotive
  • » Aerospace
  • » Construction
  • » Water treatment
  • » Pharmaceuticals
  • » Quality chemical
  • » Power generation

Why prefer us?

  • » High-quality products, timely deliveries, and competitive prices.
  • » The Rotary Valve offers customized solutions to our customers from single valve to complete systems.
  • » Products are manufactured in accordance with certified standards and quality.
  • » Our team of professionals is always ready to help you with any queries related to the product.

Product Details: -

Product name Rotary Valve
Valve Design Blow- through, Drop- through, Off- Set
Brand Mukti Enterprise
Capacity As per your customization
Application Industrial
Rotary Feeder
Rotary Feeder