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Motorised Operated

We Mukti Enterprises from Pune, Maharashtra, India are a leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of knife gate motorised operated. We provide high quality knife gate motorized operated valve with reasonable prices in a short time period.

Knife gate valve is designed for on-off services, it means that the valve can be completely opened or closed. It consists of sharpened plate/disc to cut through thick and viscous liquids easily. Due to sharpened disc, knife gate valve can handle slurry, heavy oils, highly viscous liquids, paper pulp easily.

In knife gate motorized operated, an electric motor is used as an actuator for operation. By operating motor, a valve can be fully opened or closed. We offer durable, lightweight and reliable motorized operated knife gate valve with flexible prices. These valves are very easy to fit and they require less maintenance.

Knife gate valve is widely used in many industries like oil & gas, cement, waste water treatment, chemical plants, steel plant, power plant, food & beverages, pulp & paper, water pump stations.


  • » Light weight
  • » Minimize pressure drop
  • » Cost effective
  • » ON/Off service
  • » Easy to actuate and cheap to produce


  • » Waste water, viscous liquids, suspended solids, slurries, heavy oils, dry solid or power