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Rotary Valve Feeder in India

We are Rotary Valve Feeder Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Exporters in Pune Maharashtra, India.

We are Rotary Valve Feeder Suppliers & Exporters in in Pune, Mumbai, Nagpur, Goa, Aurangabad, Chennai,Bangalore, Tamil Nadu. We are Rotary Valve Feeder supplies and exports to countries including Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Kenya, UAE, Uganda, South Africa, Kuwait, Jordan, Bahrain.

Rotary valve feeders are commonly used in the factories and warehouses for transferring materials without air leakage. It consists of parts like rotor, blades, housing, and drive motor. Rotary valve feeders are also rotary valve or rotary airlock valves and used as volumetric feeders. Our Rotary valve feeders are manufactured using the highest quality materials to ensure maximum durability and performance. Our products are designed to stand the test of time and provide you with a long-lasting solution.

Our Rotary valve feeders are made with cast iron body and durable components maintain for long lasting period. Highest quality raw materials are used for these components. Generally, our feeders are highly durable, flexible, reliable, low cost effective, and easy to clean.We are widely accepted as a rotary valve feeder manufacturer and supplier in India the markets for providing superior quality products with flexible prices. We are supplying the bulk of rotary valve feeders to various industries on timely delivery.


  • » Our rotary valve feeders are available in sizes from 100 NB to 600NB
  • » We used high quality materials like Cast iron, stainless steel or mild steel.


  • » Food, chemical, plastics, dairy, pharmaceutical etc

Rotary valve feeder Manufacturers in India

Rotary valve feeders are specialized rotary valves designed for use as feeding devices in various industrial applications, including chemical processing, food processing, and others. These feeders are used to control the flow of materials into a system and are commonly used in volumetric and gravimetric feeding applications. When selecting a rotary valve feeder, several factors must be considered, including size, speed, and material of construction.

Typical rotary valve feeder specifications available:

Sizes: Rotary valve feeders are available in various sizes to meet the specific requirements of different applications. They can range from small sizes used in laboratory-scale experiments to large feeders used in industrial processes. The most common sizes of rotary valve feeders are 4", 6", 8", 10", and 12".

Typical Speed: The speed of a rotary valve feeder is another critical specification that must be considered. The speed determines how quickly the valve can control the flow of materials through the system. The typical speed for rotary valve feeders is between 5 and 50 revolutions per minute (RPM), although some feeders can operate at higher speeds.

Material of Construction: The material of construction is another important specification for rotary valve feeders. The material should be selected based on the type of material being processed and the conditions of the process. Common materials of construction for rotary valve feeders include stainless steel, aluminum, cast iron, and carbon steel.

Other Specifications: Other important specifications for rotary valve feeders include the type of rotor (fixed or adjustable), the number of vanes, the sealing mechanism (packing or mechanical), and the type of drive (manual or automatic). Some rotary valve feeder manufacturers also offer additional features, such as variable speed drives, custom inlet and outlet configurations, and special coatings or finishes.

summary, when selecting a rotary valve feeder, it is essential to consider the size, speed, and material of construction to ensure that the feeder is suitable for the specific application. With the right specifications, rotary valve feeders can provide reliable and precise feeding of materials in a wide range of industrial processes. Some of the well-known manufacturers of rotary valve feeders include Schenck Process, Coperion K-Tron, and ACS Valves.